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Poodles: The Girls



Katie, our beautiful Ice white female. . She has a beautiful head and an incredible, thick coat. Katie learned to heel off leash after just one walk. She has perfect manners and is always by my side wherehever I go. We love to make her sit.  Her tail never stops moving and when she sits, her whole body wiggles to keep up with her tail.  Katie is now retired from breeding but still plays like a two year old with the babies and everyone else she meets.  



ZANMARS DAZZLING DREAM...This is Dazzle, a beautiful 9 1/2 inch female. Her mother is Katie father is Frosty. She is very laid back and calm. She learned to sit in just one lesson.


Family Portrait:

From the left:  Katie, Cadillac, Sparkle, Dazzle and Tinkerbelle.  Sparkle now lives with Raymond in Amarillo TX and Tinkerbelle's spirit will remain with us forever. I love this picture. 


Wildwoods Rainbow of Zanmar

This is Rainbow, our beautiful Standard female with her first litter of puppies.  Rainbow is Apricot with solid red and apricot breeding.  Both her parents are red and her father is an International Champion. With this litter, we bred her to a very nice black male and she had black, blue, cream and apricot puppies.  We are planning a red breeding with her in the spring.  Watch for some amazing puppies next summer.