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Poodles come in three sizes: Toy, Miniature and Standard.

According the the AKC standard, a Toy poodle is 10 inches and under at the shoulders. Within that range you will find tiny toy and teacup, although all are considered toys.

Miniature poodles are above 10 inches and below 15 inches. Many toy poodles will go just a little over size and end up falling in the small miniature range even though they are of toy breeding. Many, many toys in the show ring actually fall in this category. A true miniature is closer to the top end of this scale.

Standard poodles are any poodle over 15 inches at the shoulder. Again, there is a size range in standards, ranging anywhere from just over 15 inches to the very large standards, nicknamed Royal Standards who are amost 30 inches at the shoulder.

The very tiny toys are fragile and even though they are cute, they are really not the best dogs for small children. The break when dropped and cannot stand up to the rough play of a toddler. If you have a small child, please consider a more substantial poodle like a large toy or miniature.


Holly, my beautiful teacup toy poodle.
Toy Poodle Growth Charts link. copy and paste this to your browser for more information.


I have a flexible pricing schedule. Generally, the smaller the puppy, the more it is going to cost. The tiny puppies take much more intensive care raising them. I often have to provide aditional nutrition especially if they have larger litter mates. They have to be monitored closely to ensure they don't have hypoglycemic attacks, a problem with many tiny breeds. I weigh them routinely to make sure they are gaining weight on schedule.
. The price  will vary depending on the pedigree, color and quality of the puppy. All my males are sold with a limited registration. If you want to use them for breeding with full registration, the price will be the same as for a female of comparable size and quality. As I watch the puppies grow and evaluate them the prices are always subject to change.