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Dream Weaver Puppies


Welcome to Dreamweaver Puppies



We raise a few high quality  Poodles in various sizes. We try to adhere to the AKC breed standard.   We have recently located to the beautiful San Luis Valley of Colorado and are adjusting to our new home.  The dogs love the cooler temperatures and the high mountain sunshine. We follow the pack philosophy. They all know who the leader is ( me) and they all know their names. At any time, I can say one name while they are all out playing and a head will pop up and that dog will come running( followed by everyone else of course), but they know who they are. Everyone is allowed to interact with each other daily.    All of them are pets and they are raised with love. Come in, see what we have and enjoy yourself.



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I have always loved dogs, especially poodles. When I was a child, I used to read books and books on dogs and fantisize about having a place where I could have one of every breed. My particular dream was to have a whole lawn full of poodles playing together. My dreams are coming true every single day and yours can come true too.

Dream Weaver Puppies